Grand Master Masons of The Society

Until 1931, when the first Grand Assemblage was created, there were no Grand Master Masons, the Society opting instead for three ‘Master Masons’ in each Assemblage, as had been the practise in Guild masonry. Moreover, even after that date, when it was known that there had been three Master Masons, their names were not always recorded, particularly 3rd Master Masons, in the documents available to us today. Changes of meeting place, fires, war-time bombings, and losses resulting from the Society being administered from the homes of members who died ‘in office’, have all taken their toll and, reluctantly, we must now be content with the following list of Grand Master Masons which is the most accurate that can be produced. In some instances office holders have died or resigned during their term of office. When that has happened, a short-term successor is named only if he was formally appointed to that office. Otherwise the name of the original incumbent is left unchanged, only the date of his death or resignation being shown.It must also be borne in mind that from 1931 until the mid-seventies, it was not unusual for Grand Master Masons – sometimes all three – not to attend Grand Assemblage, or confusingly, for other members of the VII’ to deputise for them on official visits, signing their names in Attendance Registers and even on certificates, as the actual office holders. In this connection it should be noted that between 1933 and 1960, the average annual attendance at Grand Assemblage was only eighteen and, in 1948, was only six. As already explained, the Second World War years were particularly difficult. 

Grand Master Masons From 1991

First GMM Invested Retired
Derek Richard Stuckey   1991 1998
Arthur Craddock O.St.J. 1998 2011
Nigel Alan Willows 2011 2020
Paul Mycock 2020
Second GMM
Arthur Craddock O.St.J. 1991 1994
Alan Spencer Williams   1995 1998
Edward Laurence Joseph Smith    1998 2002
Peter Ernest Albert Fotheringham, OSOM 2002 2005
Donald Horwood Bailey Falconer   2005 2008
David Charles Kibble-Rees, OSOM 2008 2011
Brian Blanchard   2011 2013
James William Turner ERD   2013 2014
James John Field  DSA 2014 2017
Frank Morris Jefferies 2017 2019
John Harlow Wickes 2019
Pro Second GMM
Arthur Craddock O.St.J. 1995 1998
Peter Ernest Albert Fotheringham, OSOM 2005 2009
Richard Samuel Moss 2017 2018
John Harlow Wickes

Third GMM

2018 2019
D.F. Walsh
A.S. Williams
W.A. Large
M.F. Hook
Stanley Claude Upton   1995 1996
Eli Gordon Hodkinson   1996 1997
Basil Henry Burwood-Taylor   1997 1998
Derek Baum MBE   1998 1999
Michael David Arnold   1999 2000
Charles Benjamin Hasler   2000 2001
Anthony John Keay 2001 2002
Norman Thomas George Price   2002 2003
John Stuart Hay 2003 2004
David Charles Kibble-Rees, OSOM 2004 2005
Nigel Alan Willows 2005 2006
William Summers   2006 2007
Dennis Brian Saunders 2007 2008
David Carr Hooker   2008 2009
James William Turner ERD  2009 2010
Peter Sotheran Hodgson 2010 2011
Glenson Trevelyn Jones 2011 2012
David Michael Edwards 2012 2013
Terence Jeffrey Cooke   2013 2014
Derek Bidkar Frank Burt 2014 2015
Simon Andrew Mighall 2015 2016
Roland John Bedford 2016 2017
Raymond George Fretten 2017 2018
George Robert Haynes 2018 2019
Graham Henry Fenwick 2019 2020
Glyn Raymond Goddard 2020 2021
DMM Drama (next 3rd GMM)
Trevor P Dutt 2020 2021

                                                                                                                      †…. Deceased


Grand Master Masons 1913-1990

Year First GMM Second GMM Third GMM
1913 H. Walker
1914 H. Walker
1915 H. Walker
1916 H. Walker (d. 1917)
1917 F.H. Buckmaster (d. 1918)
1918 J. Cockbum
1919 J. Cockburn
1920 J. Cockburn
1921 J. Cockburn
1922 J. Cockbum F.C. van Duzer F. Pollock
1923 J. Cockburn F.C. van Duzer P.W. Morehen
1924 J. Cockburn S. Wilkinson P. Plowman
1925 J. Cockbum S. Wilkinson W.J. Perrin
1926 J. Cockbum S. Wilkinson A. Neilson
1927 J. Cockburn S. Wilkinson A.N. Brocketsill
1928 J. Cockburn S. Wilkinson
1929 J. Cockburn (d.1929) S. Wilkinson
1930 S. Wilkinson (d.1931) H.T.C. de la Fontaine G. Russell
1931 D.P. Hutchings H.T.C. de la Fontaine J.E. Whitty
1932 D.P. Hutchings G.B. Cotton F.M. Rickard
1933 F.E. Crate J.E. Whitty L.H. MacKelcken
1934 F.E. Crate J.E. Whitty G.B. Cotton
1935 F.E. Crate J.E. Whitty F. Cramphorn
1936 F.E. Crate G.B. Cotton A.W. Dentith
1937 F.E. Crate G.B. Cotton S.W. Wortley
1938 F.E. Crate G.B. Cotton E.B. Holmes
1939 F.E. Crate (r 1940) G.B. Cotton E.B. Holmes
1940 R.F.B. Cross G.B. Cotton E.B. Holmes
194l R.F.B. Cross G.B. Cotton E.B. Holmes
1942 R.F.B. Cross G.B. Cotton E.B. Holmes
1943 R.F.B. Cross G.B. Cotton E.B. Holmes
1944 R.F.B. Cross G.B. Cotton E.B. Holmes
1945 R.F.B. Cross G.B. Cotton E.B. Holmes
1946 R.F.B. Cross A.W. Dentith E.B. Holmes
1947 R.F.B. Cross A.W. Dentith E.B. Holmes
1948 R.F.B. Cross A.W. Dentith E.B. Holmes
1949 R.F.B. Cross A.W. Dentith E.B. Holmes
1950 R.F.B. Cross A.W. Dentith E.B. Holmes
1951 R.F.B. Cross A.W. Dentith E.B. Holmes
1952 R.F.B. Cross A.W. Dentith E.B. Holmes (d. 1953)
1953 R.F.B. Cross A.W. Dentith F.J.R. Heath
1954 R.F.B. Cross A.W. Dentith G.H.R. Barham
1955 R.F.B. Cross F.J.R. Heath (d. 1956) T.W.S. Hills
1956 R.F.B. Cross T.W.S. Hills E. Le Fre
1951 R.F.B. Cross (d. 1958) T.W.S. Hills E. Le Fre
1958 T.W.S. Hills L.F. Elvin E. Le Fre
1959 T.W.S. Hills L.F. Elvin C.E. Coggan
1960 L.F.Elvin (actg.) E. Benjamin R.J.L. Wilkinson
1961 L.F.Elvin (actg.) E. Benjamin L.E.C. Peckover
1962 F. Stennett L.F. Elvin A.A. Murphy
1963 F. Stennett L.F. Elvin W.R. Hornby-Steer
1964 F. Stennett L.F. Elvin A.G. Rumbelow
1965 F. Stennett L.F. Elvin O. Anderson
1966 F. Stennett L.F. Elvin J.L. Jeffree
1967 A. Moreton L.F. Elvin R.J. Hammond
1968 A. Moreton L.F. Elvin R.E.W. Large
1969 A. Moreton L.F. Elvin W.J. Wickham
1970 A. Moreton L.F. Elvin G.W. Hookham
1971 A. Moreton L.F. Elvin H.E. Pettingell
1972 L.F. Elvin A.A. Murphy F. Brough
1973 L.F. Elvin A.A. Murphy J.D. Bing
1974 L.F. Elvin A.A. Murphy F. Leistikow
1975 L.F. Elvin (d. 1976) A.A. Murphy L.J. Richardson
1976 A.A. Murphy L.J. Richardson J.H. Emerson
1977 A.A. Murphy L.J. Richardson A.B. Carver
1978 A.A. Murphy L.J. Richardson (d. 1979) F.J. Gomm
1979 A.A. Murphy J.H. Emerson F. Wade-Cooper
1980 A.A. Murphy J.H. Emerson E.A. Gurnhill
1981 A.A. Murphy (d. l98l) J.H. Emerson A.E. Masters
1982 J.H. Emerson F,J. Crow J.L. Minard
1983 J.H. Emerson F.J. Crow H.A. Stokes
1984 J.H. Emerson F.J. Crow C.C. Corheld
1985 J.H. Emerson F.J. Crow E.G.G. White
1986 J.H. Emerson F.J. Crow G.T. Saxby
1987 J.H. Emerson F.J. Crow D.R. Stuckey
1988 F.J. Crow D.R. Stuckey C.St.C. Crossley (d. 1989)
J.H. Berman
1989 F.J. Crow D.R. Stuckey A. Craddock 
1990 F.J. Crow D.R. Stuckey H.T. Curlis